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Woman free diving with monofinIn this game you are going to experience the tranquillity as well as the thrill of an deep blue sea apnea diver. When you start the game your are asked to relax (for about 30 seconds). This is important for every free diver to completely self focus.

Your way down into the darkness will pass 40 tags to the lowest point you have ever been. So, Relax.

When the white block appears on the screen you reached the target of your descent. You are pumped with endorphins and happy feelings but the tightness of your lungs is real.

When you are ready then press the fire button (Joystick port 2) to start your ascent journey and use the control to leave as many bubbles behind at the exit point as possible. When you pass a tag on your way up, your dive meter will indicate this at the top of the screen. Keep your focus until you reach the surface again.

* ATTENTION: When you start the game it will take approximately 30 seconds until the game can be played. The reason is that it precalculates the bubble animation  which takes a good while in V2 BASIC. Sorry for the wait. If you play on VICE Emulator then I suggest you use the WARP mode until the bubble and the white block is being displayed on screen.

This game was created in one day as part of the Bodensee GameJam 2022 (https://itch.io/jam/bodensee-gamejam-2022). The topics to choose from were:

  • Enge (narrowness)
  • time shift
  • deep
  • retro

I think I managed to hit three of them :)

Install instructions

This game is for the Commodore 64.


deepblueascent V1.3.prg 1 kB

Development log


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very good