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The original Qix is an early 80's arcade game by Taito and surprised with its unique style, look & feel and its simple but clever game mechanics.

PETSCII on the other hand is the character set that all 8-bit Commodore Computers came preinstalled with and as a result deliver a highly recognizable look, familiar to people who grew up with these computers. Hence the name QIXSCII.

I thought it would be a fun experience to try and develop a Qix-BASIC 10Liner on the Commodore 64. I quickly had to realize that it is not as simple as it looks from outside. 

The major challenge in making a Qix-clone is to detect the area that needs to be filled when closing a line. No chance to do this in 10 lines of code! But I thought this problem is actually very interesting and there must be an easy way to do this. I was  intruiged and opened a Qix-in-BASIC-V2-Coding-Challenge-Thread in the Forum64.de forum to see what other coders would come up with.

This game is the result of these Forum64 thread-discussusions and my various trial-and-error attempts to make it work. The final BASIC listing has about 200 lines of code (REM lines not counted) which is still ok, I think. Halfway in the disucssion I had to make a decision if BASIC Compilers would be allowed to make the game faster (BASIC V2 is terribly slow). Although I kind of see this a bit of cheating I decided to allow Compilers in this particular challenge. After all the game is still MADE in BASIC V2 and one of the conditions was not only to make  a Qix-clone in BASIC V2 but also that the game has to be fun to play.  Not much fun there if the marker is taking half a second to move.

In my case I used the Blitz! compiler and it translated my code flawlessly and without any further intervention.

The D64 disk image contains both, the compiled Blitz version as well as the original BASIC V2 code.


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AuthorRoman Werner
Tags8-Bit, Arcade, basic, Commodore 64, petscii, qix


QIXSCII.d64 170 kB
QIXSCII BASIC Listing.pdf 232 kB

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Simple and addictive. My best score? More than 67000 points gathered on 4 rounds.


Thanks for the nice comment. Well done!

it's damn good. However I got an issue with latest VICE and the FASTFILL version: after game over occurs, it tries to access the disk drive to perform some operation but it seems to fail. Drive led blinks red, and the game freezes.

Awesome new improvements !

very good

what a nice surprise. the original basic version is almost unplayable but the compiled one is pretty gangnam nice. i could wish the fill rate was a bit faster (hey but what can you do lol) but other than that flawless!!


Thank you. Please check out the QIXSCII_FASTFILL image I just uploaded.  :)


Thanks for fastfill version, so enjoying it with my kid, really appreciate it!

wow!! this rocks, thanks :D

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Noice. Reminds me of "Amidar" minus the graphics.  After "Game Over", there is no way out of that screen so you have to Reset, that's the only bug I found so far...  6/10 because I like Amidar

Would be better if some coloring was used, this looks too plain jane.

Thank you for your comment. After "Game Over", fire should bring you back to the title screen. At least this works for me (Blitz and BASIC version). Would be interesting if anybody else had this issue.

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Thank you! <3

i love qix and this is a great effort but i just feel like the time it takes to fill up an area spoils the gameplay.


I know. It's owed to the heavy calculation across the whole screen area, to detect what part the Qix-Enemy is in and what part not. Could easily be lightspeeded with a teeny-weeny Assembler-routine. But the code challenge  did not allow that. But I can make a fast-fill version for people like you who just like to play the game.

oh no need, i understand the challenge, BASIC v2 is such a poop haha. I just meant, everything but that makes for a perfect Qix clone, in only 200 lines of code. impressive!

A fast-fill version would be cool though!


It's in the making... :)

Nice PETSCII game!